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I've come to a conclusion finally.

Earth Temple (WW) is my favorite dungeon for some reason.

Tower of the Gods (Also WW) is probably my second favorite.

Ancient Cistern (SS) is my third.

Tower of Hera (ALttP) and Desert Temple (FSA) are my fourth picks.

Forsaken Fortress (WW) (Both Times) is my fifth.

Arbiter's Grounds (TP) is my sixth.

Ghost Ship (PH) and Tower of Spirits (ST) are my seventh choices.

Palace of Winds (MC Version) and Woodfall Temple (MM) are my eighth dungeons.

Spirit's Grave (OoA) and Gnarled Root Dungeon (OoS) are my ninth picks.

Forest Temple (OoT) and Eagle's Tower (LA) are my tenth and final favorites.

That should hit about all of the Zelda games save for the first two basically, because they had levels and not really dungeons, but anyway... I've played and owned every single Zelda game to date, so I have a lot of favorite moments... :3


Here's my top picks for every Zelda game I own (hint, all of them, this will be long):

1) TLoZ:

-Level 4 (Quest One)
-Level 8 (Quest One)
-Level 7 (Quest Two)

2) Z2: TAoL:

-Midoro Palace
-Hidden Palace/Three-Eye Rock Palace
-Ocean Palace

3) TLoZ: ALttP:

-Tower of Hera
-Skull Woods
-Ice Palace

4) TLoZ: LA:

-Eagle's Tower
-Turtle Rock

5) TLoZ: OoT:

-Forest Temple
-Inside the Deku Tree
-Water Temple

6) TLoZ: MM:

-Woodfall Temple
-Moon Dungeons
-Pirates' Fortress

7) TLoZ: OoA/OoS:

-Gnarled Root Dungeon (OoS)
-Spirit's Grave (OoA)
-Black Tower (OoA)

8) TLoZ: WW:

-Earth Temple
-Tower of the Gods
-Forsaken Fortress
-Dragon Roost Cavern

9) TLoZ: FSA:

-Desert Temple
-Eastern Palace

10) TLoZ: MC:

-Palace of Winds
-Deepwood Shrine
-Dark Hyrule Castle

11) TLoZ: TP:

-Arbiter's Grounds
-Snowpeak Ruins
-Palace of Twilight

12) TLoZ: PH:

-Ghost Ship
-Temple of the Ocean King

13) TLoZ: ST:

-Tower of Spirits

14) TLoZ: SS:

-Ancient Cistern
-Skyview Temple
-Lanayru Mining Facility

Well, that's finally that.


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John Wittenmeier
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United States
Well now. I suppose, as usual, that I should tell you a little bit about myself then, right? Okay then... Here are a few little things you didn't know...

a) Ted Dekker writes great books.
b) I enjoy various activities such as the vast resources available via the net, traditional ones such as books and paper crafts, and also of course the greatest of all- writing what scant thoughts pop into my dread mind in the darkness of night or the light of day...
c) I enjoy a wide variety of occupations and hobbies as well. My new job as a PR consultant keeps me busy for the most part, but you will also see me dip a hand into the occasional gaming, writing, reading, and designing pots as well.
d) I love a good time. Seriously, I do. Although my idea of a good time may include greater vocabulary than "good" and also a hint of cynical talent with a dash of lime and vinegar. Those two don't go together? Too bad.

Enjoy whatever works I decide to share with you, as I procrastinated until the last minute on the matter of activating a Deviant account here. Truthfully, I created one finally simply so I could comment on a fellow 'friends' works... Oh well.

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